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Steal His Style: Best Dressed Star 2011

11 Feb

As they do every year, GQ magazine have published their 50 Most Stylish Men in Britain list and yet again it is full of super famous, super rich people wearing super expensive clothes. Given that 2010 was an exceptionally strong year for men’s High Street fashion there was little reference to chaps who champion affordable trends.

HIGHMAN FASHION’s Best Dressed Star showcases the best trends that celebrities are sporting that are either from, or can be replicated on the high street. As you will see there is a range of different looks which highlight just how diverse and versatile men’s fashion is becoming. The men that made the list have a real sense of how to dress and demonstrate that wearing High Street doesn’t mean you can’t look just as sharp.

5. Olly Murs

A self confessed shop-o-holic, Olly is far from the typified Essex lad obsessed with naff diamonte encrusted t-shirts. His look is inspired by the 90s Britpop look with Ben Sherman shirts and Fred Perry overcoats, but is brought up to date with on-trend pieces such as his infamous trilby and skinny chinos and jeans. Mr Murs is also a master at incorporating tailoring into his look without going overboard.  Wearing a blazer over a tee or polo with contrasting trousers keeps it casual and laid back, while Olly’s summer look incorporates tailored shorts and tasselled loafers. But the blending of smart and casual doesn’t mean Olly can’t pull off a suit and he demonstrates exactly why grey skinny suits are so on trend.

Topman, £14

Topman, £26

River Island, £44.99


River Island, £29.99

4. Tinie Tempah

Here is a man who really has his own sense of how to dress for his image. Staying true to his self styled look, Tinie dresses suits down by wearing hi-top trainers and is always fun and colourful. More casually, he wears a bright graphic tee underneath either a leather jacket or a denim shirt and plays around with either carrot or slim fit dark denim jeans or coloured chinos. His style is a twist on urban tradition and the playboy and geek looks with the addition of his big framed specs, which he is never seen without.

Topman, £14

River Island, £49.99

Topman, £38

Nike, £43.89

3. Ed Westwick

While his Gossip Girl character may be a little more outlandish with his fashion sense, Ed still has a very strong sense of style, which is probably why he has become a regular fixture at catwalk shows alongside Alexa Chung et al. If that wasn’t enough, his status as a male fashionista with cemented with his own fashion shoot in GQ magazine. He’s got a very definite rock look with leather jackets, deep neck V tees, aviators, military boots and band t-shirts but also throws is Sloane-esque elements that wouldn’t look so out-of-place on Chuck Bass, with coloured chinos, rolled up denim and loafers . He’s also not afraid to experiment with men’s jewellery, adding wrist wear and retro necklaces to outfits.

Zara, £59.99


Topman, £20


Topman, £40


Next, £75


2. George Lamb

While he may have started out as an Alex Zane clone and spent quite a long time experimenting with crazy bow-ties on Big Brother’s Little Brother, it seems as is Lamb Jr has found his niche. What is so key is George’s look is his adaptations to the quintessential English gentleman look. Traditional materials such as tweed and chord are brightened up by incorporating colour. On a dress down day, George is the chief of the rolled up chino and espadrille.

Topman, £85


H&M, £14.99

River Island, £9.99

1.  Aiden Grimshaw

While most contestants come onto The X Factor looking as if they dressed in a darkened room, Aiden was a shining beacon of hope in a sea of blandness when he auditioned for the talent show this summer. Having already got a sense of how to dress, he was assisted by Grace Woodward to achieve some great looks (bar those dreadful harem pants) during his time in the competition. His heavy reliance on chunky knitwear and the man scarf may not have been popular with all, but both he and his stylists really tapped into how to make fashion fun and accessible for young guys again – something which Company magazine editor, Victoria White calls ‘The One Direction Effect’. Aiden’s more formal looks such as the velvet blazer and scarf (worn above) and the floaty shirt worn during his ‘Mad World’ performance are heavily influenced by Morrissey, not least because of the quiff hairdo.  His casual look draws on many different colours, layers and textures in a way that is very easy to replicate on the high street and doesn’t alienate the less daring, which is why he earns the title of HIGHMAN FASHION’s Best Dressed Star of 2011.

Topman, £12


Topman, £42

River Island, £32.99

Topman, £14

Topman, £28

Office, £38.99

Who do you think was an accessible fashion advocatde in 2010 and who do you think will be wearing the latest trends best in 2011?