About the site

HIGHMAN FASHION was set up to cater for the everyday, style savvy man who doesn’t have the disposable income that many mens magazines assume they have.  It aims to offer affordable High Street style to fashion conscious men. The only place you will see designers on this site is when it offers a High Street alternative.

About the author

It is run by Cardiff Journalism School student Ash Percival who is currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism.

My main interest in journalism is celebrity, entertainment and showbiz, but I decided to set up this blog to give myself the chance to explore something else I was interested in but didn’t necessarily have the experience writing about. It began as a required element of my course and I originally began blogging because I had to, but now I blog because I love to. I am grateful that this blog has given me the chance to find something else I enjoy writing about.

My background in journalism and media has been varied. I was heavily involved in student radio, presenting a daytime entertainment show for three years on Xpress Radio and subsequently winning four Cardiff Student Media Awards, including Best Presenter and Best Entertainment Show. I also have written for Cardiff student paper and magazine Gair Rhydd and Quench and have had work placements at local papers and national magazines such as Heat and Reveal. I am currently looking forward to placements at The Guardian Guide and New! magazine. I have also dabbled in television as well, having been a day runner on both The X Factor and Big Brother.

You can check out my personal blog here.

Please feel free to get in contact: ashleyjpercival@gmail.com

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Martine November 22, 2011 at 11:06 am #

    Love this blog, perfect for the guy who has lost inspiration and heart with fashion!

  2. Corrie Jolly (@CorrieNotCorey) January 20, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    Great blog, makes for a great read. Gotta love a sharp dressed man. Unfortunately, I’m from South Carolina and “dressed up” to guys here means chinos and a polo. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but it’s nice to see guys are taking risks in fashion…..at least somewhere.

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